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Two in Five People Use The Loo To Escape From Their Family

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Brits spend over a week on the toilet each year, which equates to 21 months in a lifetime. But increasingly the loo is much more than just a place to do your business, according to new research by Bloo, the UK’s number one toilet hygiene brand. 

Two in five (42%) respondents admit to using the loo to escape from their family, while one in three (33%) specifically use it to take a breather from the kids. Brits also entertain themselves by using social media (14%), texting friends (13%) or reading a book (11%).

With so much time spent on the throne, it’s no wonder people want it to be fit for royalty. Over six in ten (64%) respondents find cleaning the bathroom satisfying, so much so, that on average they clean their bathrooms six times a month, spending 9.6 minutes to make sure it gleams. One in ten (13%) go the extra mile by cleaning their bathrooms more than 10 times a month. This adds up, with Brits specifically cleaning their toilets 9,984 times throughout their life.  

Sophie Mayo, spokesperson at Bloo, says: “While it looks like the majority of Brits are house-proud and love cleaning their bathrooms, nearly half (49%) say they only clean the bathroom when it starts to look dirty. However, it’s important to clean the bathroom on a regular basis as it’s prone to attracting a build-up of bacteria and germs that can’t always be seen. 

Make sure your toilet remains sparkling with the daily use of a rim block such as Bloo Brilliant Gel, which actively cleans between flushes. To disinfect the rim, use a toilet cleaning gel on a weekly basis. Apply the gel and scrub with a toilet brush to ensure that the gel reaches every crevice. If there are stains, leave the cleaner to work for approximately 15-20 minutes before flushing. You can also protect your toilet from the in-cistern tank by using a toilet block. This cleans from the toilet cistern to the bowl with every flush. Finally, clean the toilet brush by soaking it in a diluted mixture of bleach and water.   

Don’t forget to clean the exterior of the toilet by spraying a cleaner of your choice on all the parts including the outside of the bowl, lid, flush and tank. Leave it for a few minutes and then wipe it down with a clean, damp wipe or sponge.”  

Looking nationwide, London tops the poll for the city with the largest number of people choosing to wear their rubber gloves the most, with 41% of people saying they clean their bathrooms regularly. At the opposite end of the scale, residents of Oxford were revealed to have the dirtiest bathrooms in the country, with 10% admitting to never cleaning the space.  

Cities with the cleanest bathrooms

1.       London (41%)  

2.       Edinburgh (37%) 

3.       York (36%)  

4.       Glasgow (35%) 

5.       Manchester (31%)  

For those who like to use a product fragrance, the most popular scents revealed were lemon, ocean mist and florals.   

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