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Kettlebells for fat loss

kettlebells for fat loss

Activities like running or HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) are some of the best ways to lose weight without straining our bodies or doing weightlifting exercises. Apart from them, kettlebells can be the perfect workout partner for you to get going and lose some weight. Burning tons of fat and boosting your aerobic capabilities becomes much easier when you start using them for training. 

Kettlebells, like other health and physical fitness activities such as playing games at the Breakout Escape Room, swimming, heading to a gym to workout, practising yoga, etc., help you stay mentally and physically fit. So, in this article, we will list a few easy kettlebell workouts you can do at home to burn fat and lose weight.   

1. Kettlebell squat and press or Thruster 

When you do the kettlebell squat and press exercise, you can feel how every bit of your muscles gets utilised. It is also an exercise that helps you raise your heart rate quickly. Thus, there is no doubt why the kettlebell squat and press are fundamental kettlebell exercises to tone and strengthen your body.  

When you do the kettlebell squats, you can boost up the pumping mechanism of your body. Thus, it is helpful for your body to pump blood all across and even lubricate your joints with healthy nutrients. This exercise will also help you prevent any lower back pain that you may be experiencing.  

While doing this exercise, you need to pay attention to the depth of your squat. And make sure your thighs remain parallel to the floor so that you can accurately activate and work on your butt muscles. 

2. Kettlebell circuits 

Kettlebell circuits are one of the best workouts that you can do for fat loss. Depending on your body’s capacity, you can work on doing 2 to 3 circuits comprising 3 to 5 exercises for 2 to 3 rounds. And after each round of activities, you can rest for about a minute or two. 

People indulging in shorter kettlebell circuits can choose the smaller resting period, while those working on the longer courses can rest more. Gradually as your body becomes acquainted with the rounds of exercises, you can slowly reduce your resting time.   

3. Kettlebell swings 

Kettlebell swings can be a bit tricky and challenging for beginners to practice. Nevertheless, for those who can do it, kettlebell swings can be a great exercise to burn your fat. Just like the kettlebell squat and press, this exercise also works on all the different muscles in your body while focusing more on your lower back.  

When doing this exercise, you can lose fat from the hamstrings, butt, lower, mid, and upper body parts. But in contrast to kettlebell squats, this exercise does not call for a deep knee bend. Therefore, if you have problems or complications in your knees, you can do this exercise too! However, a lack of knee bend consequently means that the front part of your legs remains less activated in this exercise. 

Kettlebell swings are also suitable for cardiovascular activity, as it requires a lot of energy when you swing and absorb the weight of your kettlebells. Unlike the kettlebell squat and press, you do not need to move much here. Thus, you require very less space to do this exercise.   

4. Kettlebell clean and press 

Kettlebell clean and press is yet another exercise that is slightly more technical for beginners to do. When you do this exercise, you can easily activate every part of your muscles in the body. The kettlebell clean and press workout follows a deadlift movement pattern which helps to stimulate how you need to pick up heavy objects from the floor. 

While doing the kettlebell clean movement, you can activate the legs, hips, buttocks, core, and even the back portions of your body. The kettlebell clean and press workout can also help increase cardiovascular activity since a lot of energy is required to lift the kettlebell from the floors to the top and back again. Beginners should get started with only the kettlebell clean movement.  

Once your body gets acquainted with the form of the exercise, only then should you incorporate the press movement into their training. After a while, when your body can swiftly work on doing the kettlebell clean and press workout, it might be good to increase the kettlebell’s weight slowly.  

Yet again, when you work on the kettlebell clean and press workout, your feet do not need to move. Thus, it can be an excellent workout for people having small spaces.  

Wrapping it up 

And lastly, always pay heed to how much your body can withstand while you plan your workout sessions. When you need a few rest days, take some time off the workouts. Make it a point to never push your body too hard, but instead, slowly let it get acquainted with the nature and pattern of the kettlebell workouts. Provided you remain determined in your workouts, you can slowly see changes in your body over time!

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