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Chinese TS and Chinese etiquette with regards to vaping

Chinese TS

We hear that China’s vape industry has been hit with another round of legislation. The news is real and has been booming since 2021. We hear that the authorities will ban all types of vape flavours by October 2022 except for tobacco. The initial date to take this action was May 1st 2022, but the date has been extended to October according to the latest administrative measures regulating the market. The document that has been passed out also indicates strict rules about permitted ingredients, additives, nicotine levels, technical standards, accreditation, safety, and testing standards. 

Chinas State Tobacco Monopoly Administration 

On March 11th 2022, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA) of China released a final version of “Administrative Measures of E-Cigarettes”. The documents lay out rules and restrictions for China’s marketing, sales, and production of vapes. There have been specific changes in the old amendment passed out in December 2021. One blow that hit the industry is the prohibition of flavoured vaping among these new changes. The State Tobacco Monopoly Administration of China will have to purview that the E-Cigarettes are Tobacco based products and have ingredients as instructed by the authorities.

How Did This Begin

China’s State Council declared on November 26th 2021 that it revised the rules for implementing the Tobacco Monopoly Law of China to incorporate e-cigarettes and similar items under the guidelines of tobacco items. This change in law means that STMA will apply the same principles to vapes as conventional tobacco items. The same year on December 2nd, China’s State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA) put forward a draft of the Administrative Measures for E-Cigarettes. These versions were amended, and as mentioned above, the final version was released on March 11th, 2022. The ban on e-cigarettes selling online arose back in 2019 as it was said to be easy for the youth to get their hands on.

What Did The Previous (Draft) Implement 

The previous terms were based on the laws governing the Tobacco industries and the protection of minors. The draft has mentioned protection measures, product, marketing, sale, import and export of vapes and nicotine for e-cigarettes. Most of all, the rules mentioned in the previous draft were the process of all transactions going through an ”e-cigarette transaction platform” that the STMA would oversee.

Far Behind Penetration

According to Chinese TS etiquette, the people of China are to wean off traditional tobacco. This Chinese etiquette means the 300 million or even more Chinese TS who vape are to be convinced to move towards tobacco-based e-cigarettes. China is far behind the UK, the USA and Japan, whose penetration rates reached 30 per cent, while China only marked 1.5 per cent in 2021.   Companies will have a hard time now as vaping. Other e-cigarettes will be marked under tobacco items meaning that authorities will apply the same laws to these items S tobacco items. The heated tobacco products will not be marked as e-cigarettes but as traditional cigarettes. 

License And Registration 

It was easier to get your hands on e-cigarettes before. Still, due to the introduction of the new Chinese TS etiquette, the government will have a challenging time keeping a check and balance over the inspection and testing of the products. Managing such a system will be considerably higher, and a regular ad-hoc with the intention of inspection of licence to sell vape products will be required. Companies with a licence will be allowed to sell vape products which are only possible if they have an appropriate funding amount to produce the product, the necessary technology and equipment required for the product, comply with the policy requirements and other rules stipulated by the STMA.

Sale Prohibitions

The sale of vape products is now banned through self-service machines like vending machines near any school areas, and a visible sign of sales of e-cigarettes being banned for minors in shops that sell the vaping products should be placed according to the rules. The significant ban on flavoured e-cigarettes will be a new addition to Chinese TS etiquette. Only tobacco e-cigarettes will be allowed to be sold and require wholesalers, shop owners and other dealers to own a licence to sell the product and keep in mind that authorities will use action against them if they sell the product to minors. The rules for import and export are also strict, and products are to be approved by STMA.

The distributor companies, buyers, and sellers have to tolerate this take over of the power to sell e-cigarettes and other vaping products by STMA. If not, then the suspension of the product and company will take place and cancel the company company’s qualification to produce e-cigarette and vaping products.

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