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IU Diet- What are the New Basic Facts About this New Diet?

IU diet

The famously known IU diet is actually the Myproana Diet. It is a form of an extreme diet plan. It produces effective results within a short-period of time. People take out their magnifying glasses on several occasions to zoom on the content of their plates and glasses which is most probably their reaction to undesirable figures on a weighing machine or a shake of head from the doctor. The spell of regulating one’s diet is real but while it is temporary in the life of some, for others it is a new mantra to life. 

The journey to improve physical health through dieting designates itself as a fork from which several routes to reach the destination are constructed. The irony of the situation is that even though the plan is to improve health, more than often the execution is not necessarily the safest of practices. 

The IU diet is the sensational news of town right now and everyone is desperate to know is it the one. If you want to take a peak at it and how it works, come along. 

What is IU Diet?

The name IU does not need an introduction in the world of entertainment, especially in South Korea. A master of her skills and a vision to hold sight, IU is an Idol for millions. Aside from the beauty of this Korean idol, her followers are struck by the consistency of her body shape through time. 

There is always one question. 

What is IU’s diet plan? 

The IU diet, therefore, gathered its name from IU herself. The routine that she followed to get rid of a conspicuous amount of weight and that too in a very short time is what got it this famous referral. 

Facts about the New Plan

If you plan to follow the diet plan, consider the following important points to make the final decision.

Fact # 1

The famously known IU diet is actually the Myproana Diet. It is a form of an extreme diet plan. It produces effective results within a short-period of time. This plan covers minimalistic food options and in the least possible quantity. While the breakfast of the diet allows only one apple, lunch and dinner are no better with their two sweet potatoes and a single protein shake, respectively. 

Fact # 2

From the meal menu, it is easy to assume that the one who follows this diet is likely to experience a lot of cravings. It excludes almost everything from the eatables except for some raw fruits which cannot compensate for the yearning of different flavors. The remaining allowed consumable thing is a protein shake that does not hold the reputation of the most delicious dish. 

Fact # 3

A lot of willpower and discipline goes into the implementation of the diet plan to your everyday life. While the whole routine of your life remains constant and the only yet the most consequential change occurs in your diet, which is the fuel to the engine that pushes you to survive through the day, then it makes sense that you might want to give up on this extreme plan and go back to the sweet world of wonderful flavors and foods that not only fill your stomach but your heart as well. 

Fact # 4

To be alarmed or be excited about the calories contained in the diet is a purely personal choice because like the menu, the calories are also quite jaw-dropping. Let’s break it down first and then sum them to create an extra effect. 

The standard size of the following weigh;

One Apple: One forty nine Calories

Two Sweet Potatoes: Two fifty six Calories

One Protein Shake: Three thirty Calories

Overall, the diet provides with merely 700-800 calories which is directly proportional to the size of all these above mentioned products. The standard size gives the intake of 735 calories more or less. 

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Fact # 5

The ultimate goal of the IU diet, weight loss, is bound to the body on which this diet technique is being implemented upon. Individual differences are part of human nature and this technique cannot shed it off either. On the basis of different results, it is safe to say the weight loss is around 1 lb or more. 

Final Note

The effective results of IU diet do not snatch away from the important fact that is not simply a healthy and sustainable way to deal with your body. It is not recommended because crash diets have extremely bad after effects on physical and mental health. It takes away the energy to stay active and be productive through the days. There are far more healthier diets to offer you the results you deserve. 

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