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Top Reasons Why Your Gym Wear Matters


When it comes to your workout clothes, you might assume that your clothing choices have no impact on your workout. You might be someone who prioritises fashion as opposed to comfort, or instead chooses light and baggy fabrics. Or maybe, you fall in the middle and pair sports leggings with a baggy tee. We’ve all heard the term “dress for success” and whilst it’s a good motto to stick to in the professional sense, does it have any impact when it comes to the gym?

There’s a reason why, other than looking good, there are so many different gym clothing brands, styles and materials. Research has shown that what you wear to the gym really does have a direct correlation with your workout and how you feel, as well as your motivation levels and performance. Let’s find out more about why your gym wear matters.

Help Prevent Injury

Wearing the appropriate clothing for your workouts is essential if you’re an avid exerciser who likes to partake in a number of different activities. Whilst we all know that lack of proper equipment can cause injury, did you know that many sports injuries occur as the result of wearing the wrong workout clothing?

No matter which activity you are taking part in, you should choose gym wear that is suitable for that particular activity. For example, if you’re an avid runner, you’re best choosing compression clothing which helps increase circulation, oxygen and blood flow to the heart and working muscles, preventing cramps and post-doms. For weightlifting and strength exercises, solid trainers and loose-fitting clothing can all help with your performance and reduce your risk of injury.

Regulate and Control Body Temperature

Following an intense workout session, if you’re wearing a heavy cotton t-shirt then you might be feeling heavy and uncomfortable. Cotton absorbs sweat and retains moisture, meaning that it’s not an ideal material to wear if you’re focusing on those big workouts. Instead, opt for light and breathable fabrics that are sweat-wicking, drawing moisture away from your body which can keep you feeling dry and comfortable.

Following workouts, you will feel warm and sweaty, but it’s important to have a cool-down session to help regulate your temperature again. Just a simple walk on the treadmill or some gentle stretching exercises can work wonders. Then, if you’re showering at the gym, it’s important to continue wearing comfortable clothes. Tracksuits are a good choice as they can be layered with hoodies, t-shirts and joggers. If it’s cold outdoors, avoid wearing wet clothing as you leave the gym as this can affect your body temperature and make you feel more tired or uncomfortable.

Boost Confidence

Clothing is empowering as part of your everyday life, but when it comes to working out, many of us hide behind loose and baggy workout clothes, especially if you’re looking to lose weight or get healthier.

There is a psychological phenomenon known as “enclothed cognition” which looks at how the clothing a person wears can trigger mental changes in the brain which then positively affect their confidence and performance levels. In simple terms, when you look good, you feel good! It’s worth investing in gym clothes that make you feel good about yourself so that when you go to the gym, you feel confident and ready to tackle your workout.

Look After Your Skin

Low-quality gym wear uses fabrics that are cheap, which when working out, can irritate the skin. This can cause discomfort, itching and rashes both during and after your workout, which can massively affect your confidence and motivation levels. Exercise increases the blood flow around your body and to your skin, which can also result in itchiness. Dehydration, sweat and tight clothing can prevent your skin from breathing.

When you get home, washing your workout wear in harsh detergents can also contribute to skin problems. Intense workouts and exercise can cause your sweat glands to become blocked, especially if you wear tight clothing or cheap materials. It’s important to wear light and breathable fabrics and gym clothing that keep your skin cool and free from irritations.

Following your workouts, be sure to get a shower as soon as possible to clean your skin of sweat and buildup and get out of damp workout clothing. Apply a nice body moisturiser or use a gentle shower gel to keep skin moisturised and be sure to drink plenty of water both before, during and after your workout.