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Stack It: Five Business Safety Tips to Avoid Accidents

warehouse racking shelving

Safety in the workplace is paramount. Regardless of industry, setting up business premises to enable a safe working environment can directly avoid employees from facing accidents. In addition to these safety benefits, many actions you implement can help boost wellbeing and productivity within the workplace.

Investing in storage solutions such as industrial warehouse racking shelving or cantilever pallet racking and storage bins is crucial for safety. The next important step is auditing your current safety training and ensuring current and future employees are across all safety regulations. Neglecting this area will directly cause injury and it’s therefore not worth the risk. And with the current Covid scenario, customer-facing premises will require Covid protection gear to help prevent spreading it within the workplace.

Here, let’s dive into just how you can implement these safety tips.

Store items safely on industrial warehouse racking shelving or cantilever pallet racking

For the more obvious reasons, safely organizing items within the workplace opens up floor space to freely allow employees to swiftly move about the workplace without trip hazards.  While trips may not come across as dangerous injuries, they can result in concussions which can be severely damaging. Concussions can cause lifelong brain damage. This makes it evermore important to enable open floor space or aisles to move in a safe manner. This is relevant, whether you work in an office, warehouse or any other style of workplace.

Industrial warehouse racking shelving, made out of steel or metal, are a great storage solution. These can be tailored to your space to avoid trip hazards.  

What’s more, heavy duty and large items can cause serious damage and even death if stored in a manner that’s not safe. For this reason, safety regulations are in place which businesses must abide by.  Depending on your business, its products or items you store, and your location, these will all vary. The first tip is to ensure you are following the standards and if you do make any changes within the business, that the new changes follow safety standards. 

Heavy duty items require heavy duty shelving which is named cantilever pallet racking. Cantilever pallet racking consists of aisles of steel arms designed to hold items too large for shelving. These arms allow forklifts to lift the items up and move them to wherever is desired. 

Place smaller items in storage bins

While you may have shelving, items and stock can easily fall off if they are not stored efficiently. Storage bins are an ideal solution, preventing things falling off on to people or onto the floor where workers may trip over them. The key tip with  storage bins is to always measure height, width and length and strategically configure a plan for placement before you make your purchase. You don’t want to try to fit storage bins that are too large for the space and risk the entire bin falling onto someone while  they are trying to retrieve items. These tips are crucial in  preventing accidents within the workplace. 

Implement efficient safety training for employees

You can have the right equipment involved but without training, this equipment may not be of help. This tip may be more relevant to more hands-on workplaces as opposed to offices. Instead, simple safety briefing sheets are often useful at the onboarding stage for office workers, especially including the likes of fire and emergency plans.

For the use of tools and other equipment, or business premises where heavy items are being moved, never skip efficient training. Obeying safety regulations without fail is the first and most important tip. In addition to this, ensure staff are fully trained in all areas  for  your specific business. This may require a team member to dedicate days to setting up training information and lessons, which can then be utilized for all new employees going forward.

Considering the high  quantities of information that employees need to absorb, you’d be surprised at how many safety protocols workers forget. The human mind remembers procedures through repetition, and therefore, those safety protocols that aren’t required frequently can easily be forgotten. This can be dire. Keep the training information on hand and readily available for workers to refer back  to.

Invest in Covid protection products

In these current times, Covid is a common risk for any business. Customer-facing businesses are especially vulnerable, and have a high chance of employee infection. Providing  protective gear for employees will reduce the risk of transmission and employees getting severely ill, struggling with long covid or worst case scenarios of losing their lives to the disease. Hand sanitiser throughout the business premises is a must. In addition to this, there are protective products such as face shields, sneeze guards, and more. 
Olivia Fairhurst is a business owner and content manager for various clients, including STACK-iT. Olivia studied a degree in communications, majoring in journalism and has past experience as a journalist and Senior PR executive.