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Streetwear: How It Continues to Dominate The Fashion Industry


Streetwear has been one of the most popular styles in the past decade. Additionally, more brands seem to be collaborating with streetwear brands to add their twist to this fashion trend. Furthermore, multiple luxury brands that we know today are adapting their style for streetwear. This article will discuss the streetwear fashion trend and, how it is still popular today.

How Streetwear Began

Streetwear started back in the early to mid-1980s with a brand called Stussy. Shawn Stussy started this brand and built the foundations for streetwear. However, Shawn did not intend for his brand to become such an influence on streetwear. The fashion label was for the surfer community with the unique signature that he scribbled on surfboards.

Shawn Stussy’s spiralled out of control with his surfboards and decided that he would like to do the same with clothes. He began designing clothes with his signature on them which soon became a popular demand. T-shirts, shorts and jumpers are some of the clothes that he produced. From then on, he started mass-producing clothes around the United States and by 1992, he generated a revenue of 20 million dollars according to Wikipedia.

However, many other brands decided to embrace this style. Another brand that is still prominent in the streetwear community is Supreme. Supreme is arguably the brand that introduced the rest of the world to streetwear, encouraging other fashion brands to design their clothes in a similar style. Supreme is well-known for several of its collaborations with major brands. From luxury fashion brands such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton to mountaineering brands such as The North Face.

Now, there are hundreds of brands in the world that design streetwear-styled clothes. The market is forever growing for the streetwear community. Furthermore, it’s showing no sign of slowing down in terms of popularity. Moreover, the streetwear style seems to be mixing with other brands which, is why the cost of streetwear is going up. The style varies in streetwear, from oversized clothing to casual wear of plain tracksuits.

Modern Streetwear and How It Has Changed The Image of Luxury Fashion

We have had our little introduction to the world of streetwear. Discussing the brands that have been influenced and worked with, including who started the streetwear movement. Now, it is time to talk about the impact that streetwear has on fashion, including how it redefined exclusivity in the industry.

In the UK, there is a department store company called Selfridges. It is a store with several brands that sell fashion and beauty products from major brands. Some of these brands include Dior, Ralph Lauren and Prada. However, once upon a time, Selfridges priority was mainly luxury brands instead of the ones that we know today. Balenciaga, Boss, Emporio Armani, Gucci and many more were the high-street store’s priority. Now, that has all changed because of the modern-day fashion that we are used to seeing. Casual wear such as streetwear seems to become more common in major high-street stores, having more of a value as well.

Streetwear is not a cheap style and the reason for this is because of how they release clothes. For example, when Supreme first started, limited drops were a thing to cause hype around the garments were released. For example, Supreme would announce a product that they were soon releasing. Additionally, they would state that there were only a limited number of clothes that were going to be produced for that style, also known as drops. The news would break out on the streets, causing a lot of people to queue up outside the stores, waiting for Supreme to open its doors. This hype alone got people talking about the brand and, this is why they became popular over a short space of time.

In 2022, numerous brands have a similar marketing method to Supreme. This is why the whole style has become so popular today. Furthermore, the drops that brands make gives value to their clothes. It gets people talking about it because of the rarity of this style, one of the main reasons why streetwear brands are considered expensive. Streetwear has made a massive name for itself in recent years which, is why we are seeing them collaborate with the luxury brands we know today.

A Summary of Streetwear

Not everybody likes streetwear, a bit like how some people don’t enjoy wearing branded clothing. We all have our preferences but the popularity of streetwear with the younger generation seems to be dictating the fashion industry.

Streetwear has become that popular now that the collaborations that streetwear brands have with luxury brands make it onto the catwalks of Milan, Paris and New York. One thing that you do need to know is that streetwear is only going to get bigger and better.