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Well Aliments Launches New Line of Cruelty-Free Skincare and Cosmetics for Helping Brands Tap a Growing Trend

New Jersey, United States Jan 12, 2022 (Issuewire.com)  – “Well Aliments,” one of the best skincare supplement manufacturers, has diversified its portfolio to include skincare and cosmetics. The company has built a credible reputation for creating vitamin gummies and other dietary supplements that are aimed at the skin-care industry. Making skin-care products that would improve skin health tremendously. Now, it is helping brands tap into the rising trend of cruelty-free cosmeceuticals.

“Well Aliments” is reputed as a leading vitamin manufacturer in the US. It has experience and credibility in developing dietary supplements, either under its own brand name or under your brand as a private label. Now, the company is leveraging its expertise and well-regulated facilities to position itself as one of the leading supplement manufacturers in the US. Their skincare products manufacturing facilities are free from animal cruelty and formulated using the best-in-class ingredients, formulas and adhering to strict guidelines.

A representative from “Well Aliments” said, “We are taking our expertise in formulation and manufacturing to the skincare space. Our services will help brands source high-quality products under their brand name taking advantage of our private label services. Our focus on medical skin-care that is cruelty-free will also help them meet current consumer needs.”

The company has facilities that are FDA and GMP certified. In addition, to other certifications such as Kosher and HALAL, their expert teams can help brands create different product lines with different formulas. Having an in-house R&D team; Well Aliment customers do not need to look anywhere else. They can rest back and everything will be taken care of, from formulation to manufacturing, all the way to packaging and delivery.

About the Company

“Well Aliments” specializes in premium, USA-made products in the dietary supplements and skincare markets. With their expertise in the vitamins and supplements space, they are tapping into the skincare space. Additionally, they support brands throughout the manufacturing process to turn their concept into a reality.

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