The perfect App top fix your teeth and make your smile just perfect

With over three-quarters of the population having crooked teeth, it might be about time for you to explore your options. Luckily, Smile Builder is an app based on your photos that allows you to virtually straighten your teeth using 3‑D simulation.

The perfect app to fix your teeth now available for smart phone!

The Straight Teeth Direct™ app is taking the growing cosmetic dental industry by storm, reshaping how we know about professional orthodontics and teeth straightening. It’s now possible to fix your smile with the world’s first teeth straightening mobile app (iOS & Android), without any prescriptions or orthodontic consultation.

Straight Teeth Direct™ proudly announces the launch of a software used for teledentistry app and platform. The app is functional with a web portal, but now is available on mobile.

This app does more than fix teeth, it integrates at home diagnostics 3D scanning and computer-aided design to create personalised dental devices that would usually require a dentist. By allowing remote treatments at home, this is an effortless way of getting the necessary dental care you desperately need.

The creators of Straight Teeth Direct are promising straight teeth from the comfort of your couch. There are many combinations which can be accessed through their android or iOS app to match your needs.

Understanding the importance of teeth care, many have downloaded Dr Shukla’s revolutionary app to track tooth progress at home. It uses an augmented reality to show the size of your teeth and areas that need improvement with a score out of 5; however its convenience is notoriously still at work.

With Straight Teeth Direct™, your teeth will be straight within months through the app’s digital service and premium aligners. The company connects customers to leading orthodontists for professional teeth straightening.

With dentacoin, people can take control of their dental treatment and get a fair price. In this system, patients upload 5 selfies taken from different angles to the app for an initial free e-consultation. Within 24 hours, an experienced dentist will evaluate if they are suitable for treatment and help the patient by recommending any necessary procedures.

Opening the door to better smile is just one click away, download our app on either iPhone or Google Play.