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Top 10 Tips to make the best Modern eCommerce App

Nowadays, whenever shopping comes into our mind, the first thought that occurs in our mind is online shopping. We can’t resist shopping online as many fantastic eCommerce apps have good products. Shopping through eCommerce apps also saves time and effort.

In recent times if you want to sell something online, whether it is clothing, footwear, essentials, food, and much more, you need to develop your eCommerce application. An eCommerce platform offers you an opportunity for eCommerce app development and makes it live so that anyone can use it. You can create a bond with the customers, connect more with the users, and make your brand famous. That all can be possible only if you have a good design of your eCommerce application.

Website designing is a crucial thing when it comes to eCommerce web designing. A good website design means simple and attractive design, responsive, soothing color combination, fonts, images, words, and graphics that can attract more customers to your website.

So it is not just that your brand has to look good and feel, but also needs to drive attention from your customers and buy products from your website.

Developing your website or application is not easy work to perform. Therefore, you need to hire a Magento developer who can help you develop an app with ease. There is a lot of competition in the online market because its usage is increasing, so it is essential to create a unique and eye-catching application.

Factors to consider for eCommerce app development

  • Make your design simple and attractive
  • Logging and signup must be seamless
  • Include relative images
  • Focus on security
  • Add option for social media integration
  • Simplify the checkout process
  • Payment integrations
  • Easy to navigate
  • Use analytics
  • Keep it updated and add new features

Make your design simple and attractive

The first and foremost thing that a user will see and judge is your eCommerce application’s design. An attractive, unique, and well-designed application will encourage users to shop through your website and purchase more. Therefore, develop your website as exclusive yet straightforward and eye-catching.

Make sure that your application is designed based on your targeted audience. Well structured and managed website is as essential as the design of the website. Each page of your website must be accessible and easy to reach and operate. Ensure your website is easy to access for any age group. In simple words, keep your website clean and straightforward so that it is easy to access.

Logging and signup must be seamless

The first page your users will see when they open your eCommerce website or application is the login and signup page. That is the page where new users can create an account and start accessing your application, and already existing users can log into it.

The page will need the users to enter a certain amount of information before creating an account and signing up. These details will be safe within the account. The information can also help you to get some suggestions according to your likes and dislikes.

Make sure that the signup process is not too lengthy. Otherwise, users will get frustrated and can leave your application. The process should be short and straightforward. So when you hire a Magento development company, ensure they design the page less complex and secure. They must not be time-consuming; they should be quick.

Include relative images

People can describe visual media better than any of the other forms. So when the detailed and accurate description of your products is a must-have or having a picture of it is even better. In this way, it will be easy for the customers to rapidly determine whether it is what they are looking for or it is different. They can also see the different things between various categories.

Make sure that the images are of high quality and transparent to identify the product quickly. The details of the product must be precise, and it should not frustrate the customers when it is zoomed in. if it is possible, you can also add the image of the product from different views and angles. If you have a reasonable budget, you can also add 3D images that will enhance your product image and application. The 3D view will help the buyers to examine the product nicely.

Focus on security

If people choose your eCommerce mobile app to purchase products, you need to provide them with high-level security that can create trust in your application. Unfortunately, hackers will always have an eye on applications that are not secured. So if you don’t want to spoil the reputation and traffic value of your application, you need to avoid breaches.

However, it doesn’t just end with protecting your data. You need to build trust in customers to use your application and feel that your application is secured. Make sure that you create a detailed description of what personal data you have gathered from your users and the ways through which you can protect it.

Add options for social media integration

Social media platforms have now become an essential part of our lives in this digital epoch. So if you add social media integration in your eCommerce app development, your app can get quickly popular and attract more users. It can enhance the user experience, and people enjoy using it.

The share button will work best for any eCommerce application. It will allow users to inform their friends and family about their purchased products or discuss that particular product. It can also help you to promote your eCommerce application. You can also use social media integration to fill out the fields for the signup process and the transaction form.

Simplify the checkout process

Checkout is the last step after purchasing the products. These steps require most attention in terms of security as it contains a lot of personal data of the users for the checkout process. It will simply mean that it takes a lot of time to confirm the information and ensure it is secured.

No one likes to waste their time behind the checkout process, so when they see that there is a lot of data that they need to fill, there is a chance they might leave the cart even though they have come so far. So, it is essential to make the checkout process simple. If multiple steps are necessary to add and cannot be neglected, indicate how long it will take, like a progress bar.

Payment integrations

Recently there are a plethora of payment methods that can be used for paying online. From international to the local ones, to credit cards and eWallets, and many more options that you can use. Moreover, if you want to accommodate as many customers as possible, you can include many of them in your app.

If there are a variety of payment integrations, then it can make the payment process much more manageable. But if your app is just limited to credit cards, debit cards, or electronic wallets, you might force the customers to spend through their credit cards. If your focus is on the regional market, you don’t need to focus much on the localized store. 

Easy to navigate

If your eCommerce mobile focuses on more than one type of product, you need to make it very clear and provide easy navigation tools between the products and their categories. It makes your tools for navigation easy to reach.

For making your application easy to operate, research the trends, and make the application similar to the other popular platforms. Also, make use of familiar gestures to make navigating simpler. Finally, ensure that functional elements are realistic and consistent throughout the application, as elements with different functions will create confusion.

Use analytics

Just having information is not enough. To get the most from it, you will need to do a process and also analyze it. It will concern your mobile eCommerce app development too.

With the help of some services such as Google Analytics, you can also gather feedback about the application from your customers. With its help, you can quickly determine the features that will work well, or the features that are not much good, and the features that need improvement. After a detailed analysis, you must update the changes that can relatively improve the app experience. So go through the data regularly and examine the changes and their effect.

Keep it updated and add new features

As this modern technological world is evolving rapidly. If you are willing to have your application on top of the market, then you need to keep it updated and add new features. You can update by hiring a Magento development company to update your app based on the latest technology and features.

Some possible updates and features in eCommerce applications are AR-designed changing rooms or item previews, advanced recommendation engines based on Machine Learning, location-based marketing with the help of GPS, and much more.


Developing a successful and unique mobile eCommerce is challenging to perform, but you can quickly develop the application by going through the tips mentioned above. You can also hire a Magento developer to help you with creating a realistic mobile eCommerce app.

By following these tips, it will be easier for you to handle the development process, and you will also be able to handle the challenges faced during the development process.

Author Bio:

Rahim makhani, CEO and managing partner at Nevina Infotech, Enterprise Web App & Mobile Application Development Company, helps global businesses grow by the Magento development services.