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5 Best Core Workouts for men and women

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Best Core Workout shows that exercise is the key to living a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, everyone should do exercise regularly. Most of the people do! And those who do, want to know the best core workouts for men and women. So, we have organized the five best core workouts for men and women. So, let’s dive straight into it!

5 best core workouts for men and women

Following are the five best core workouts for men and women.

1.    Planks always a feature in the best core workouts

Planks are one of the best core exercises you can do. It builds the real strength of the body. At the start, you can even fail to do planks for some seconds. However, with consistency, you can go on for minutes! Planks target abdominal muscles, arms, and legs.  Furthermore, it builds the strength of arms. You can do planks in various ways and methods. These methods include the basic plank, elbow plank, knee plank, side plank, side to side plank, and plank with arm up.

2.    Leg Raises

Leg raises are another best core workout for men and women. It is super easy to do and it provides various benefits. To do this, all you have to do is lay straight down on your exercise mat. Now, raise your one leg at a ninety-degree angle. Remember to keep your leg straight and do not twist it. Once raised, bring it back down and raise the other leg. This exercise builds your core and makes your legs and abdominal muscles stronger.  

3.    Best Core Workouts have to feature Crunches

Crunches uniquely build your core. This exercise is also very easy to do and it is very beneficial for building your core and muscles. However, some people do mistakes while doing this exercise. The best way to do crunches is simple. All you have to do is lay straight down on your exercise mat and raise your knees. Now put your hands behind your head and move the upper body to the lower body. The biggest mistake people do is they put pressure behind their head by hand to move their upper body. It is wrong! The purpose of hands is to support, not to push your head!

4.    Bicycle Crunches

This exercise is the advanced form of crunches! Bicycle crunches are the crunches wherein you uniquely target your oblique muscles. In this, you lay straight down on the exercise mat but instead of only raising your knees, you raise your legs as if you are cycling! After it, you have to move your upper body and lower body as if you are cycling while laying on the ground. That is it!

5.    Russian twist

The Russian twist is the best workout to build your core while strengthening your upper body. In this exercise, you have to sit on your hip while your feet are touching the ground in front of you with raised knees. Now, you have to move your upper body left and right completely while keeping your legs and hips at the same place. In this way, you will strengthen your upper body and build your core.