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5 signs you are emotionally exhausted

Emotional stability is the key to living a healthy life. However, even the most stable person can encounter feelings of being emotionally exhausted. It happens! And it happens a lot. Don’t worry, you are not a special case and nothing weird is happening to you. Just relax and keep reading. Emotionally exhausting is the stage when you can’t take it anymore. Else, it is the time when you can’t take any more activity but still, you keep doing without understanding that you are done for the time. This later situation of not knowing is not ideal. You must know when you are being emotionally exhausted. To help you, here are the five signs you are emotionally exhausted. 

1.    Sleep deprivation

The first sign of being emotionally exhausted is the lack of sleep. It means that you try to sleep but you cannot do it. Therefore, you can make excuses of light in the room, or noise of the neighbors but the reality is that you are emotionally exhausted. This emotional condition makes it very difficult for you to sleep despite multiple tries. So, if you are experiencing sleep deprivation, it can be a sign that you are emotionally exhausted.

2.    Feeling no or very little motivation

Motivation is the sign of emotional strength and lack of motivation is the sign that you are emotionally exhausted. Therefore, keep an eye on your motivation level. If you feel that your motivation level is going down then try to understand the reasons behind it. There are fair chances that you will find that the real reason behind lack of motivation is that you are emotionally exhausted by some situations in your life. 

3.    Ready to fight or argue

Emotionally stable people remain calm and understanding all the time. Contrary to that, emotionally exhausted people are always ready to fight or argue. It happens because emotionally exhausted people are already on the edge due to any situation in their life. So, they feel that they have nothing to lose. On top of that, they perceive everything as a threat or a negative impact that is trying to contribute toward their problems. 

4.    Staying Absentminded from the current situation

Being absentminded from the current situation is one of the biggest signs of being emotionally exhausted. So, why do people become absentminded in the first place? It happens because they are emotionally invested in the problem that is making them emotionally exhausted. Therefore, they are physically present at some place while they are mentally present at any other place. In this way, by staying absentminded they show the sign of being emotionally exhausted.    

5.    Constantly feeling tired

Lastly, the biggest sign of being emotionally exhausted is that a person feels constantly tired. This tiredness is entirely different from physical tiredness but the person perceives it as physical tiredness. However, in reality, the person is emotionally tired and because the brain is the real powerhouse of the body, he feels that his body is tired.