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Public Health Investigates The Origin Of An Outbreak Of Legionellosis In Montmeló

The Servei de Vigilància Epidemiològica del Vallès Occidental and Vallès Oriental and the Vallès Oriental Public Health Service of the Regional Sub-Directorate of Public Health in Barcelona, ​​in collaboration with the municipalities of Montmeló and Montornès del Vallès , are investigating an outbreak of legionellosis that is It has produced during the last two weeks in these municipalities, in the Vallès Oriental region.

From November 5 to 18, 2021, 26 cases have been detected. The cases have started symptoms between November 5 and 15. And, of the 26 cases, 10 did not require hospital admission, 2 cases required admission but have already been discharged and 14 cases are still hospitalized .

Those affected are 19 men and 7 women between 37 and 92 years old. And all the cases have had exposure in the municipalities of Montmeló or Montornès del Vallès.

This week
The cases have been declared between Monday 15 and Thursday 18 November , from the consultation to hospital or outpatient emergencies and confirmation of the diagnosis.

Thus, the services have begun an environmental and epidemiological investigation in which they have collected the necessary clinical information to define where they have been infected. Also, inspections have been made of the risk facilities of the two municipalities, such as water cooling towers , among others. And they have collected water samples from these facilities to analyze.

Irrigation with bacteria to use less fertilizers
Irrigation with bacteria to use less fertilizers
As a precautionary measure, from the very moment the inspections began, the shock cleaning and disinfection of all the circuits involved in the investigation from which the samples have been collected has been ordered , hoping that the pending analytical results will be available to guide them. the source of infection of the outbreak.

It cannot be ruled out, as of today, that they may appear more affected in the coming days since the incubation period of the disease can be up to fourteen days.

Both epidemiological surveillance and environmental investigation activities have been reinforced, and it has been reported in all hospital centers in the area as well as primary care centers.

Useful information
Legionellosis is a disease that produces symptoms of pneumonia and is caused by the bacteria ‘Legionella pneumophila’. This bacterium is found in surface waterways in the environment throughout the world. It appears with the proliferation and use of devices and systems that use water at certain temperatures that facilitate the multiplication of the bacteria and emit aerosols during their operation. It is transmitted to humans through aerosols of contaminated water in such systems and devices.

Legionellosis is spread by inhalation of water spray or aerosols.
People who are most at risk are smokers, those with chronic diseases that affect the immune system, and the elderly.
Legionellosis is not spread from one person to another.
Public supply water can be drunk safely, both from private homes and from public fountains.
Public supply water can be used for personal hygiene and cooking.