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Palm oil promotes cancer metastasis

Palm oil promotes cancer metastasis: what foods contain it?
20minutos NEWS11.11.2021 – 12:45H

Excess consumption of palm oil can have negative consequences for cardiovascular health.
Spanish scientists reveal how palm oil favors cancer metastasis.
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Palm oil crops need a humid tropical climate for their optimal growth and for this reason they are mainly found in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Its production entails significant environmental and social costs and, in addition, excessive consumption is not recommended from a nutritional point of view.

However, it is one of the most widely used products globally and is still an ingredient in many foods. “Palm fat is a by-product that has almost 70% saturated fat. It is the main reason why it is advisable to restrict its consumption, since excess saturated fat is harmful to cardiovascular health”, they detail from the Foundation Spanish of the Heart (FEC) .

Now, a team of researchers from the Barcelona Institute for Biomedical Research (IRB) has demonstrated the mechanism that palm oil uses as a substance of plant origin to spread tumor cells throughout the body and the danger of developing a cancer metastasis.

How to recognize palm oil?
Research published in the journal Nature points directly to palmitic acid as a metastasis stimulator . But, in which products in our shopping cart is this substance commonly found? Palm oil is usually in processed and ultra-processed foods, such as pizzas, industrial pastries or ‘snacks’.

It should be noted that not all products that are included in these food categories have palm oil as an ingredient. For this reason, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) advises to choose products that have the RSPO label , a certified oil seal that ensures that the product has been produced in sustainable plantations. If not, the organization recommends consulting the labeling to verify that they lack this vegetable oil among its components.

What products contain this oil?
It also establishes the following categories of products that contain palm oil:

Creams and toppings: it can melt at a higher temperature than chocolate so it allows to keep and store the toppings.
Spreads: palm oil is characterized by carrying a large amount of saturated fat, making it easier to spread creams or margarines.
Cakes: noted for its use in industrial bakery products. Being used as a substitute for hydrogenated fats, little heart-healthy and butter.
Cleaning products : palm oil is a fundamental element in the manufacturing formula of soaps and detergents because it is present in its surfactants.
Candles: oil of vegetable origin is an alternative to wax or paraffin, both materials are characterized by being used for the manufacture of products such as candles.