The Unknown Menopause Symptom That Affects Memory

We usually associate menopause with symptoms like hot flashes, chills, and insomnia. However, this process also affects other aspects of our health, and memory could be one of them.

The truth is that it is not clear whether memory problems are a primary or secondary symptom of menopause. This is because the way in which this biological change affects our function is somewhat complex.

During menopause there is a significant fluctuation in estrogen levels , and it is believed that this hormone could have important implications on memory; however, the evidence so far is not entirely conclusive.

More specifically, it is believed that estrogens are involved in the reception, communication and storage of information , which would imply that these fluctuations (and the drugs designed to smooth them) could have a direct impact on memory.

Consequence of other symptoms
On the other hand, it has also been theorized that the sensation of lack of mental acuity and memory that many women report could be an indirect symptom that is a consequence of others that derive from menopause.

For example, other hormonal disorders (such as a vitamin B12 deficiency), difficulty falling asleep, and fatigue can impair memory.

Similarly, emotional symptoms (derived in part from hormonal imbalances and in part from the cultural and social baggage that accompanies this stage) can also have significant effects in this area.

Is the memory loss permanent?
When associated with menopause, these problems should not last long , but should in any case subside along with the rest of the symptoms, as estrogen levels reach a new balance and signs such as fatigue, insomnia or emotional disorders. In addition, exercising memory during this period can be very beneficial to minimize disturbances.

Be that as it may, if we feel that our memory is not as acute as it used to be (in a worrying way), it will always be advisable to consult a professional , who can find the cause of the problem and act on it (be it menopause or something else).