Health Increases Capacity In Stadiums To 100% But Catalonia Maintains Them At 60%

New sign that the pandemic is going down. The Interterritorial Health Council has unanimously approved this Wednesday (with the abstention of the Basque Country) that the capacity for the professional Football League , the ACB and other sporting events is up to 100% outdoors and 80% indoors, for example, in basketball stadiums.

Catalonia will ask to reopen the discos and music bars with covid passport shortly
The agreement establishes that “the measures are common and minimal” for the entire country during the period between October 1 and October 31 and that a new evaluation of the situation will be carried out in the last week of the month. Although, as specified by the Ministry of Health, the territorial administrations “may add other measures” depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

And Catalonia has specified, based on this, that the decision does not affect “the measures approved within the Procicat because they are a maximum capacity that each community can modulate according to the epidemiological situation of each territory.” And the maximum percentage approved by the Procicat precisely this Tuesday is 60% outdoors and 40% in pavilions.

The president of Barça, Joan Laporta , has complained in Lisbon, where Barça is playing a Champions League game tonight, that Catalonia is staying on the sidelines and has asked the Procicat for more flexibility. “It is a very big damage. I would appreciate it if you could give it another round because it hurts us a lot economically.

If the League proposes 100% we would be more satisfied if the Procicat accepts it,” he said in statements to ‘Barça TV’. This coming Saturday on Saturday The Barça team will play at the Metropolitano against Atlético in a full stadium, while on October 24 they will host Madrid with only 60% of the Camp Nou’s capacity.

In any case, the agreement of the Interterritorial Council indicates that those attending sporting events should preferably be paid people or local public and that it is advisable that the trainings continue behind closed doors or within the limits of the maximum allowed capacity. And he emphasizes that the use of a mask is still mandatory .

No food sales
In general, the sale or consumption of food, beverages or tobacco will not be allowed in the stadiums and before the event is held, access details, time slots, health security measures and admission conditions will be communicated.

This has been the only point debated in the weekly meeting of the Interterritorial Health Council, which this Wednesday was held at eight in the morning, instead of in the afternoon, as has been customary throughout the pandemic. However, other issues related to covid will be addressed in the monographic meeting on Primary Care that will take place this Thursday and Friday in Gran Canaria.

In fact, some autonomies such as Castilla La-Mancha plan to continue insisting that a booster dose be provided to all those over 65 years of age. The regional president, Emiliano García-Page, pointed out this Wednesday that the Autonomous Community has “fully prepared” the device so that, “if the barrier is lifted,” it can begin on October 15.

Catalonia , for its part, has already announced that although the Vaccine Conference is still assessing the effectiveness of this measure, “surely” an agreement will be reached in the coming weeks and the elderly who do not live in residences, starting with those over 90 years of age.