VerificaCOVID, The Application To Verify The Covid Passport To Access Nightlife

The Government’s own application to verify the authenticity of the covid certificate to access nightlife and other establishments or events will be called VerificaCOVID . The Vice President of the Government, Jordi Puigneró , explained a few days ago in an interview on RAC1 that the covid passport already exists and that what is being done is to develop a technology to verify that the data it contains is correct and of the person who presents it .

This is how you can obtain the covid certificate to enter the clubs in Catalonia
Given the imminent opening of nightlife next Friday (if the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia endorses it in the next few hours), the Generalitat will offer this application, it will be possible to verify the COVID certificates issued by the EU Member States and also the certificates issued by the United Kingdom in the same format as the EU digital COVID Certificate, as recorded on the app’s website.

In various languages
The application allows you to do business in different languages (in addition to Catalan and Spanish, it is in English, French, German and Italian). A tab also appears in which to activate the camera , from where the QR can be captured.

Catalonia reopens the nightclubs this Friday with a covid passport
When presenting the QR code of the certificate and the DNI and the app will give a green or red signal that will allow or not access. The objective is to implement it “immediately”. Even so, Puigneró has opened the door to being able to implement the system first with manual verification , which could allow nightlife to reopen earlier.

Guaranteed data protection
Puigneró insisted that the application will not be for the user but for the person who has to allow access to a certain place. Once the QR code that appears on the health covid certificate has been passed, the application will emit a green or red traffic light with the name and date of birth, which must be verified with the DNI. The green traffic light will be obtained if you have the complete vaccination schedule, a negative PCR or if you have passed the covid in the last six months. The user can provide the QR on paper or via mobile phone.

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The vice president assured that data protection is guaranteed and that is precisely why they work on their own application . He also thanked other initiatives but has valued that the maximum guarantees on data protection must be given. “You only have to prove that you are vaccinated and that you are of legal age, you do not need more information than these, the verifier does not have to know anything more about you,” he explained.

Without venturing dates
Despite the fact that the main debate is on nightlife , Puigneró made it clear that this application is not only for this area but must be used for “different types” of establishments or events . Despite expressing the will that this application can be up and running as soon as possible , Puigneró preferred not to venture dates.

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However, he added that the verification could also be done manually because the covid passport already exists and that is why he said that the manual option has been considered as an ” alternative ” until the new technology is developed .