What Steps Should You Take If You Find A Lost Or Abandoned Dog

Despite the fact that the pandemic caused by Covid temporarily paralyzed the figures, the abandonment of companion animals continues to be the main welfare problem for dogs and cats in Spain each year . According to the study He would never do it from the Affinity Foundation Chair on the abandonment, loss and adoption of animals in 2020, around 162,000 dogs and 124,000 cats reached shelters across the country.

Admissions of dogs in reception centers are reduced by just over 11% compared to 2019, although the Foundation considers that it could be due ” mainly to a lower number of lost dogs in 2020 and to the paralysis of income during the months of confinement ” . Affinity also highlights that despite restrictions on mobility and the negative impact of the pandemic on the economy, the adoption of companion animals has increased slightly.

Despite this, for the brand specialized in pets, the data on the abandonment of dogs in Spain remains at very high levels: “This is a reality that worries every day and that, unfortunately, increases as a result of adoptions that They have been carried out during the months of confinement to avoid loneliness , as Christmas gifts and, as if that were not enough, for the holidays, since many people decide to abandon their animals because they do not look for someone to leave them with in the summer period or have them in their summer plans ”.

In the event that we find an abandoned dog, what steps should we follow? Experts recommend two possibilities depending on our ability to identify it : “If the animal lets you approach, try to hold it, call the phone number that appears on its identification tag and, if it does not have any, go to the vet so that it can scan and check who owns your microchip ”.

In the event that the veterinarian confirms the absence of a microchip , it is also advisable to “stop by to ask the municipal police, the residents of the area, notify the local protector, and hang up posters warning of the disappearance of the dog in the vicinity of the place where you have found it ”.

Whether the dog has been abandoned or lost, they suggest following these four steps to ensure the well-being of the animal:

  1. Before picking you up . Any dog ​​tends to show distrust and fear when a stranger tries to approach him , and he may run away with the risk that this entails. If it is an abandoned dog or that may have been subjected to abuse or other trauma, their reaction may even be aggressive .

Boy hugging his dog
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  1. Try to offer him food and water to get him closer. If you have been on the street for hours, you will be hungry and thirsty.
  2. Contact an expert (veterinarian, protector, local police …), and ask for advice if it is considered that help is needed to catch it.
  3. If the dog does not have an identification tag or the veterinarian confirms that it does not have a microchip, and after a reasonable time has elapsed without it being claimed by any owner, consider the possibility of adopting it and offering it a home or taking it to a shelter or shelter .