How A Clean And Tidy Home Can Help Our Mental Health

The studies are very clear: having a clean and tidy home helps to have better mental health. And not only that, but the very action of cleaning and ordering favors having our mind in better shape .

One of the most popular, conducted by the University of California , brought together 30 couples to analyze their hormone levels according to the state of their homes. According to experts, the way participants described their homes could reflect whether the time they spent there was restful or stressful for them. In this way, those who declared living in dirty or untidy environments reported a higher rate of cortisol , the hormone that is released in response to stress.

For its part, another study published in the British Journal of Sports Magazine , showed that 20 minutes dedicated to housework is enough to reduce levels of stress and anxiety. The physical activity that these tasks require involves avoiding negative thoughts thanks to the calories that are burned in this process.

Of course, living in a clean house also protects our physical health since there will be fewer specks of dust suspended in the air, which improves the vital conditions of those who suffer from a respiratory disease or asthma and protect us from all kinds of agents. toxic that can invade our body.

The fish that bites its tail
Mental health experts also say that an excess of clutter, dirt and neglect in the home can be a symptom that something is not going well and a reflection of a low or even depressed mood . At the same time, this disorder can cause a rebound effect, generating a greater feeling of neglect in the person and causing it to enter a loop.

A study by the Princeton Neuroscience Institute has shown that disorder not only leads to increased stress levels, but also leads to greater feelings of fatigue and less motivation .

However, although a low mood can make any household chore unappetizing, the simple fact of carrying it out will cause a series of positive stimuli so that the brain begins to work better.

What other positive effects can stimulate order and cleanliness in our brain? Psychologists affirm that contemplating an orderly space brings to mind the idea that everything is better than it seems and provides confidence to successfully face other aspects of our lives such as job performance. Tidy spaces allow greater concentration at work and can even greatly improve the quality of sleep .

In addition, an orderly house allows us to save time for ourselves, our family and friends and our hobbies since it will avoid us wasting many hours a year looking for objects lost by its different rooms as well as innumerable headaches.

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