Society and junk food companies put it on the obese that they have a lack of willpower

The uncomfortable truth is that the criminal drug dealers i.e. Kellogg’s, Nestle, Coca Cola, Cadbury’s and others are allowed to sell their muck without any penalties. They are hand in glove with Big Pharma who give pills to soften the damage caused and the money tree grows and grows. What do you think would be the case if Tesco were allowed to sell cocaine and heroin? 1, they would definitely sell it and 2, we’d have a nation of drug addicts; obviously! Well that’s what we have now. It’s there for all to see!

What’s my solution?

We start to change. I don’t know how it’s going to be done as there will be a huge overhaul to the economy in doing so but it has to be done. It has to.

We need to change our approach to the obese and cut this crap about fat shaming. Here are people who are clearly in a mess and need help. We have to stop allowing the constant advertising of chocolate around Christmas and Valentine’s Day and Easter. We have to ban advertising of fast food delivery.

The government needs to shift the guilt trip away from non mask wearers and onto those who are taking up the hospital beds, namely eaters, drinkers and smokers. Imagine the radio message:

“Can you honestly look a cashier in the eyes and say your cigarettes are vital? Can you look your kids in the eye and tell them you haven’t exercised today?”

Shift the thinking!

What would be wrong in putting chocolate behind the counter and having to produce evidence that you are not on medication in order to purchase it? The same goes for alcohol.

We could do so much. During COVID times, why not take over Butlin’s holiday camps and send the obese in for three months? All the health conscious (not 6 week beach body) personal trainers could work to help them learn about exercise and nutrition. We could provide counselling. We could hold cooking classes. We could remove access to any cake or crap and reset the body. None of this would be done in a military style Britain’s Biggest Loser way. It would be done sincerely and with patience.

And at the end of this, if we managed to get thousands of tons off the waistlines of the obese? You know what they would be? Happier and thankful for it!

As I said at the start of my solutions – I have no idea how this is going to be rolled out. It is going to involve an enormous shift in thinking but we all know in our gut that it has to be done. We have to get people healthy and happy and totally free up the NHS.

It is not sending our children into school and to play sport that is the reason for the NHS being overwhelmed. It is the obese and smokers being allowed to run riot without a single onus put on them for their behaviour. Time to point the finger!

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