Is it Time to Point our Fingers at the Obese?

Oooh this has got a few hackles up already; I can feel it! Before you start slating me and sending me hate messages let me draw you to the fact I mention often.

876,000 obesity related hospital admissions last year. 876,000 is a figure that laughs in the face of COVID 19 as a burden on the NHS.

The reason we are in lockdown is so we don’t overwhelm the NHS with an influx of COVID cases and take up all the hospital beds. The NHS wouldn’t cope and doctors would be forced to choose who lives and who dies.

The question then is should we be all working together to make sure there are plenty of beds available?

Yes we should. We are attempting to do that by limiting the spread of the virus and the approach the glorious leaders of the world have chosen is to lock us up and prevent us from going outside of the home; from playing sport, from sending our kids to school, from going to the pub, theatre, cinema, shopping centre and all manner of other social events.

This approach however, does very little to combat the problem at source. It does nothing to stop 876,000 unnecessary hospital admissions each year which if they weren’t on the scene, we wouldn’t have a problem with bed shortages. 876,000 admissions virtually all through lifestyle choices.

During this last year of confinement to our homes, we have in the majority expended less energy and consumed more. The stats aren’t out yet but I am a little heavier than normal, I’ve seen it in several of my clients and other people I’ve not seen have told me they have gained weight too. The initial lockdown of last spring was different in that back then the weather was great and we were all excited about getting fit. Eleven months on in a freezing dark winter with no hope of an end date, that isn’t the same story. In times of economic crisis, the last thing people will give up are their vices.

I am really fortunate in that I have TWO gyms. Exercise and varying exercise routines are not a problem for me. I perform a different session every time I work out and what I do is exciting. It’s the same for my clients – a different session every time, it’s one of the reasons working with me appeals to many.

I have two gyms and combined I use them at least five times every week. I’m super fit yet I’m still a little heavier than normal at this time of year. The reason is twofold: I’m not passing people dumbbells, kettlebells and barbells on a daily basis and I’m eating more junk because I’m p*ssed off and have little to look forward to. That’s me! That’s me who has two gyms which are used regularly, me who is upbeat, in good health and has a really good outlook on life. By all accounts I’m really happy!

Many are not happy and many are eating, drinking and smoking more because that is ALL they have got right now and this is why the government is not saying a word to the contrary about it.

Stay at home.

Watch Netflix.

Just Eat.

Dumb yourself down.

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