• Spend the effort to do a practical and effective warm-up before you leap into this intense exercise –after all, we’re not dragging feather bags around!
  • Keep vigilant of your environment at all times –don’t take a trip over your gear or step through any varmint openings. Make sure to stroll around the location ahead of time to look for possible threats!
  • Use correct posture when executing these carryings and in particular, don’t get sloppy when you lift these tools and bring them to Mother Earth.
  • Begin with moderate loads to help you feel the motions to go in the rhythm of these workouts.
  • Hold your abs up and stroll with a high stance with fast, easy moves.
  • It will test your breathing routine, so remember to breathe in quick, syncopated breaths as you move through your nose and exhale via your lips.
  • You shouldn’t let your posture lean back and forth or left to right as you move.
  • You can use a straight line (say, 25-50 steps based on the weight) or timing your steps. it’s best for most people to choose a set distance.
  • In Particular, the heavier the weight, walking shorter distances and walking longer distances with mild loads. Test with these factors, but ensure to save a movement until complete exhaustion damages your posture.
  • Consider setting the timer for 15 minutes to see how many loops you can accomplish in this period. Rest as long as you will need in rounds, but push yourself. Begin with a rest of 1 minute between rounds and ramp it up or down. Some people are just going to want more and some fewer.

Now you know some things you need to remember before you start your kettlebell and sandbags workout, let us give you a quick yet very effective workout routine that can be very helpful to you especially if you are a beginner and want to incorporate this kind of workout in your regime.


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