Do you liken it to giving lobotomies?

I liken it to giving lobotomies. Many of us are itching to get out and be creative but Nurse Ratched (Boris Johnson) ain’t allowing it! Many of our children and the fit, healthy and active amongst us are sliding into a bit of a pickle. We’re a little less happy, a little more angry and we aren’t being offered anything to ease our frustrations. No end date!

The obese on the other hand, apart from where they do their eating have had little restriction and little pressure put on them. Eating is a major part of an obese person’s life and in the main it is done secretly, at home, in private either alone or with a friend or family member who does the same. There has been no restriction on this and no directive from up top for them to do anything different. So long as you stay at home you can do as you please.

Obesity is getting worse which means the demand for hospital beds is increasing. We are also in an economic mess with people earning less money because they are being prevented from earning. My point earlier has been studied – In times of economic crisis, the last thing people will give up are their vices. So, we are at home, we are earning less and we have nothing to do. We and in particular the obese, are eating more. This is putting greater strain on the NHS.

What is terrifying is that children will be putting on weight too and this is unacceptable. If a kid puts on weight, a kid loses confidence and with that the journey may possibly start. Less confidence leads to more eating, drinking, becoming a recluse and perhaps suicide. Unacceptable. So should we not be tackling obesity and how do we do it? The standard reply to this is “More education! We need to educate the obese on what is healthy and what isn’t.”

So Mr Obese Person – what has less calories and is better for you?

  1. Carrots
  2. A large stuffed crust meat feast from Pizza Hut.

The obese aren’t stupid:

Any idiot in general knows what’s good and what isn’t good for you. Education is not enough and it quite clearly has to be legislation.

It is time we stopped pretending that consuming ultra processed poison is simply down to choice. This crap is addictive and it is clear as day to see that. Do you think for one second there is a single fat person out there who is happy with the poor state of health they are in? Do you think there is one that doesn’t know full well they are probably going to die earlier than expected? Of course not. The obese aren’t stupid.

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