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The Mayor’s London Healthy Workplace Award is now live!

The Mayor's London Healthy Workplace Award is now live!

Formally known as the London Healthy Workplace Charter, The Award is a structured framework designed to recognise and support business investment in staff health and wellbeing.

The Award is centrally coordinated by the GLA and delivered in collaboration with Public Health England.  Borough workplace health leads support organisations through the journey,  and a team of expert volunteers provide review evidence. The Award is free for employers to take part.

The Mayor committed to reviewing as the programme was initially set up in 2012. Its content needed to be updated to reflect current evidence and best practice.

This was refreshed and piloted by a small number of businesses during 2018/19. The new materials were published in May this year and have been well received.

On 9th July a celebration event took place in the map area to thank all our winners for their hard work and stakeholders for their support. We’re really pleased to have reached this milestone and it was great to see so many partners and colleagues celebrating with us.

We had over 50 attendees in the map area, including 19 businesses who have signed up to the Award. A real diversity of organisations attended too, which was pleasing to see.

Deputy Mayor Jules Pipe opened the event with an impressive speech, highlighting that workplaces who invest in the health and wellbeing of their staff boost their performance, contribute to the productivity London’s wider economy and improve the lives of Londoners themselves – helping to make London one of the best places in the world to live, work and do business.


We had two excellent speakers from business who have already been accredited to the new Award, one from HKS and another from the East London NHS Foundation Trust.


The Assistant director of Health, Education and Youth, Jazz Bhogal, ran through of the new Award, its structure and the benefits to businesses of every shape and size.


Now it’s onto the hard work of targeting the Award to organisations in the low paid sectors, understanding and improving the user experience for businesses going through accreditation, and rolling out a promotional campaign with the Good Work Standard.


If there are any collaborative opportunities which you would like to explore with us, please get in touch

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